Making Where You Live
a Better Place to Be.

Welcome to Housecraft. I started this blog by sharing stories about DIY renovations, interior design, gardening
and recipes. Over time I realized that where you live isn't just about your house. When you zoom in it's about
your the health of your body and mind. When you zoom out it's about your community. We're all our own
ecosystems. From now on I'm going to take a wider look around. Hope you'll join me.

Turn The Closet You Have Into The Closet You Want
Make Your Garden More Wildlife-Friendly
Blog Podium – Why You Should Go Next Year
Bedroom Makeover Reveal
Chai Spice Oatmeal
When More is More: Layering Case Study
App Review: “Interior Design for iPad” by Black Mana Studios
Recommended Reading: “The Right Color” by Eve Ashcraft
Bedroom Lighting Makeover Part 2: To the Vapour Barrier…and Beyond!
Bedroom Lighting Makeover: the Adventure Begins!

Turn The Closet You Have Into The Closet You Want

You don’t have to dedicate an entire room to have a closet that looks good and lets you see everything you have at once. Here’s a look at the closet we started with, and my plan to make it so much more. It may not be as awesome as this stock photo, but it’s an improvement.

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Make Your Garden More Wildlife-Friendly

Sandy Garland of the Fletcher Wildlife Garden takes me on a tour (video!). She shows me some wonderful and inexpensive ways to help local wildlife with garden design and plant choices.

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Blog Podium – Why You Should Go Next Year

Over 250 bloggers from as far away as Newfoundland and New York City came together in Toronto on a rainy September Saturday to learn, share experiences, and have fun. I travelled to Blog Podium 2013 to connect with other home and design bloggers, and to find ways to make Housecraft better. Here’s what I learned.

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