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Why Interior Design Matters
When More is More: Layering Case Study
Decorator, Designer, and Architect: Differences for DIYers
Recommended Reading: “Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens” by David A. Slawson
Colour and Other Strategies for Small Spaces
Recommended Reading: The Home Lighting Effects Bible by Lucy Martin
Ten Design Lessons from Frederick Law Olmsted, the Father of American Landscape Architecture

Why Interior Design Matters

I have often wondered why I care if the things around me are beautiful or not. If “form follows function,” as Louis Sullivan once said, then as long as an interior layout is serviceable, isn’t that enough? Why go to the time and considerable trouble of renovating? Here are 3 important reasons.

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Colour and Other Strategies for Small Spaces

We’ve all heard how light colours will make you feel like you’ve got more space. But this isn’t always true. Here area some different strategies for using colour to enhance the look of a small space.

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