About Housecraft

Jennifer Priest of HousecraftHi! I’m Jennifer, and I am in love with interior design, decor, and renovations – mine, yours, anybody’s! I love exploring design and architecture ideas just as much as I love writing and photography. I created Housecraft to be an online resource for those who enjoy doing their own home renovations, gardening, and interior design.

It is also a chronicle of my journey into design and construction theory and practice. I love learning, whether it involves reading, sketching out ideas, or rolling up my sleeves and firing up the power tools. Professionally written guidebooks and contractors are great resources, but there’s nothing quite like doing it yourself so that you really learn, and so that you appreciate how good the professionals really are when you get a chance to work with them. I want to learn as much as I can, and pass it on to you.

There are many excellent blogs out there, but many focus on design OR on construction. I want to bring all of the elements of home transformation together, and encourage people (especially women) to engage in all steps of the process, because that’s what provides the most fulfillment. I want to bridge art and craft so that the best of both shine through into the final result.

Study and practice both help us grow. Even our failures are learning experiences. If something doesn’t turn out as expected, it means lots of hard work to tear it apart and do it over again, but it also make the finished work mean more.

I hope you find Housecraft useful!

Jennifer Priest

With Thanks…

None of this would have happened without the patience, intelligence, skill and generosity of my husband Justin. From engineering the renovations to coding the blog to editing the posts, he’s been an instrumental part of everything you’re reading now. In fact, if he didn’t insist on anonymity he would be getting a lot more credit than he does!

About Product Recommendations and Book Reviews

I do not accept any financial or other compensation for my product and book reviews. What you read is what I really think about the item. I always work directly with the item, or read the book (in rare circumstances in which I don’t I make this very clear). In order to keep things positive (and to save your time and mine) I only cover items I think are worth paying for, and I include any possible detractions I can think of for people who are working in other circumstances.

Legal Disclaimer

Housecraft recommends that you do all necessary research, make yourself aware of all building and electrical code laws in your area, and take all safety precautions possible when doing any renovation project. When using power tools, make sure your have studied the manual. Be sure to get all work inspected by the proper authorities, and always insure finished work.

Housecraft/Jennifer Priest cannot be responsible for any damages, accidents or injury incurred while attempting home renovations.

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