Fall Decor That’s Pretty, Free and Fun

Fall Decor That’s Pretty, Free and Fun

My husband thought I was kidding when I mentioned this idea, but this year I decided to go for the gusto with my fall decorating. On walks around the city, I collected the most colourful fall leaves I could find and brought them home. A couple of shopping bags full of red, orange and yellow later, and we had an autumn wonderland in our very own home.

They’re free, and they make walking around the house so much fun. The cats are having a blast scampering around in them. Plus, it’s an excuse not to clean. I don’t know if this makes me crazy or not, but I’m calling it a win!

Why don’t you try it? Just make sure the leaves are dry and free of creepy crawlies.

use fall leaves for home decor

Fall decorating has never been so much fun. Plus, it’s free!

fall leaves used as decor

This is what guests see when they first walk in the door.


  • http://tobakiss.ca Meg Marshall

    The leaves look awesome! And I am also admiring your wooden side table! Everything in your room is beautiful!

    • Housecraft

      Thanks so much Meg! The side table was a $30 consignment store find. My awesome Mom refinished it for me. If you’re interested in consignment stores I like, just let me know.

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